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10 Aug 2022 - August 2022

VikingBeef Top Bulls

VB Redbuck

VB Redbuck is a red Angus, with impressing results from the Swedish bull test station and impressing pedigree indices. He just had his first NBDI (Nordic Beef on Dairy index) indices for use on dairy cows. The results are positive for calving ease and calf survival, so the future looks bright for this bull. VB Redbuck produces excellent semen and is available in conventional and sexed semen. He was bred in Sweden by Åbuens Lantbruk AB and was born in January 2020.

NAV Beef profile
VB Redbuck VikingBeef Top Sire Red Angus

VB Nick

This Danish Blue bull has very reliable NBDI indices with good indices for Calving Ease, Calf Survival and Growth. He's used extensively for Beef on Dairy, and his offspring will have high daily gain. The gestation length, when used on a dairy cow, is 280 days. VB Nick is bred in Denmark by Mathias Thede.


NAV Beef profile
VB Nick VikingBeef Top Sire Danish Blue

VB Sisu

This black Angus bull was born in Finland and was specially selected for use on dairy cows. He is still a young sire, so he doesn't have Beef on Dairy index yet, but the calves born so far look promising. He had very high Daily gain indices at the test station in Finland. He has a high pedigree index for Calving Direct.

NAV Beef profile
VB Sisu VikingBeef Top Sire Black Angus

VB Rune P

VB Rune P is a Blonde d’Aquitaine sire born in Sweden in 2020 and bred by Järnebergs Lantbruk. He will have his Nordic Beef on Dairy index (NBDI) later this year, but so far, the calves that have been born look very promising. He was at the Swedish bull test station in 2021 for performance testing. He had good results in Daily Gain index and was selected as the best Blonde d’Aquitaine bull of the test. He is heterozygous polled, and we have high expectations for this good-looking bull.

VB Rune P VikingBeef Top Sire Blonde d’Aquitaine

VB Nase

With more than 8,000 crossbred offspring, this Danish Blue sire has the most reliable index you could wish for. He is at the top for Calving Ease, Calf Survival and Carcass conformation score in the Nordic Beef on Dairy index with 97 % reliability. Combining these traits with a gestation length of only 280 days, you have the perfect bull for Beef on Dairy. VB Nase is bred in Denmark by Britta Pedersen. 

NAV Beef profile
VB Nase VikingBeef Top Sire Danish Blue

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